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  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    I am a first generation immigrant from the Middle East. My parents decided to move here because my sister was born with cerebral palsy and the opportunities for her in the Middle East simply were not available so that she could grow and prosper. When we moved to America my mother’s professional license was not accepted in the states. So my mom had to go back to school and during that time my dad became an ice cr...

    Attorney Nasser Abujbarah

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    I decided to become an attorney because I wanted to help people who were being taken advantage of by large corporations. I felt like the only people who could afford good representation were rich people and I wanted to be an effective advocate for people who could normally not afford quality representation and plaintiff’s work gave me the chance to do that.

    Attorney Tim LeDuc

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    Being attorney was a lifelong pursuit of mine that has ultimately enriched my life both professionally and personally. Growing up I have always been competitive and after my professional baseball career ended I needed a new competitive outlet. Fortunately, the legal profession filled that void and it has been both challenging and rewarding. Becoming an attorney has afforded me the opportunity to advocate for other...

    Attorney Donato Giovanatto

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    Truth be told, I argued a lot as a kid. One day someone told me I should be a lawyer with how much I argued. That just stuck in my head as a good idea for a career. We actually help people get better from their injuries. A lot of our clients say they just don’t know what to do after an accident, so being able to step up and guide them and make a tangible difference in their life is inspiring.

    Attorney Sean Davis

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    After my undergrad at ASU, I spent a couple of years working in the IT field. I enjoyed that work but ultimately wanted to do something else for a long-term career. A long-time family friend who is an attorney sold me on going to law school. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving a positive result for a client who needs our help.

    Attorney Aaron Sherrell

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    I wanted to help others who had been unfairly treated to get the justice they deserve. Personal injury law is one of the few areas where people are in physical pain and need help.

    Attorney Alberte Trey Dayes III

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    When I was in high school, doing debate and speech, it was clear to me I wanted to be a lawyer. From that day, I never waivered from my goal, finishing undergraduate and law school without taking time off to go in any other direction. Medical injuries can be life altering, and those who suffer must have a voice. I am honored to be that voice.

    Attorney Lowell Finson

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    I’m not sure I ever chose to become an attorney. It was more like the law chose me. I always worked my way through school and have held many different jobs. After earning my B.A. I weighed my options and law school seemed to be the best fit and next logical step. I had no idea at the time it would eventually become my life’s work. I passed the bar 30 years ago this year and never looked back.

    I am inspi...

    Attorney Ruthann James

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    I became an attorney because when I was sixteen years old, we had a mock trial with our class and it involved a personal injury case. We had lawyers, witnesses, judges and a jury. I happened to be the lawyer for the injured person. I cannot forget that I lost the trial because we had the student who was supposedly injured dressed up with bandages oozing with blood. The jury could not believe that, knowing the tria...

    Attorney Timothy Tonkin

  • Why

    Why did you become an attorney?

    I decided to become an attorney so that I could help those who are suffering find some relief. I am motivated by my family and by those who have been wrongly hurt. I am inspired by the dedication and diligence of those involved in the profession. Collectively, everyone wants to help those that have been wronged.

    Attorney Randy Dayes

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At Phillips Law Group we believe it is important for all businesses to give back to the community that sustains it. Therefore, we take great pride in being involved with all of the communities where Phillips Law Group is located.


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30 years of Experience

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After 30 years in business, Phillips Law Group has earned its outstanding reputation throughout Phoenix, Arizona, and beyond. The Phillips team has recovered over a billion dollars for our clients and helped secure justice for thousands. Today, we continue to work hard every day to give back to our clients and to our community – something that hasn’t changed since our founding in 1993.

Jeffrey Phillips is an experienced trial lawyer and founding partner of Phillips Law Group, the founder of Phillips & Associates Law Firm and other Phillips & Associates firms. He and his firms have represented more than 155,000 consumer clients over the past 27 years in Arizona, California, Utah and throughout the nation. While his primary offices are in Phoenix, Arizona, he handles cases throughout Arizona and nationwide.

Explore our YouTube channel to see how Phillips Law Group has evolved over the years. Although our video quality, suits, and hairstyles have changed, our commitment is the same – to make legal services affordable to everyone and provide outstanding service in the process.

Our YouTube channel may only date back 11 years – but our experience is much deeper than that. Established in 1993, Phillips Law Group has decades of experience and thousands upon thousands of clients served.

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Employee Reviews

  • I have been with Phillips Law Group for a little over a year and I have learned what teamwork and family in a workplace looks like. There is always someone around to lend a helping hand, which is something I appreciate and cherish. I feel a sense of joy coming to work every day because of my co-workers as well as being able to help people in what can be a scary and stressful situation. I currently work as a Litigation Legal Assistant with an amazing team. When I started here, I was not very knowledgeable in personal injury. I was lucky to have been placed with an amazing team who was willing to take time to teach and pass on some great skills that have been a huge aid in helping me be successful in my position. I would recommend working here at Phillips Law Group, because they care about their employees and there is so much room for growth.

    Ariana Cavey

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  • I’ve been working at Phillips Law Group for nearly four years and I can confidently say this is the best personal injury firm in Arizona to work for. The firm is the best for numerous reasons but to start, Phillips Law Group gives employees opportunities for promotions and growth. I started working within the settlement department, moved to a paralegal assistant and grew to be a pre-litigation paralegal with my own case load. Each attorney I have worked for is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to talk to. Secondly, I love how Phillips Law shows appreciation for employees. They host Friday Zoom Huddles giving out PTO, goodie bags, special shout outs, bonuses and gift cards. They also host extravagant holiday parties and fun contests during the Holidays! Lastly, the firm cares about giving back to the community, which is a trait I value as well. It’s rewarding to see a fast paced firm taking time out of their busy day to pay it forward. I would highly recommend working at Phillips Law Group!

    Angie Duncan

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  • Working at Phillips Law Group has been great the 1st few years in I noticed how well organized and run this Firm was from Intake to Settlement the Client has the expertise of a staff member uniquely qualified for the particular stage of each Clients claim and all other Law firms try to emulate what we do here but none quite get it right because they lack one major component “Compassion”. We are a FAMILY not just a group of people/employees. We care deeply about each other and our clients’ we are considerate, compassionate and make sure that all our Clients’ needs are met from beginning to end. That’s because we treat our clients just like we treat each other. Nothing like walking through the office and saying Hello to fellow employees who always seem to be smiling. 16yrs in and it only seems to be getting better.

    Randall Harrison

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  • It’s an Honor and a Privilege to work for a company that cares about its employees and clients for 12 years. I’ve seen Management go out of their way to help someone whether it’s a personal matter or work related. I am also reminded of many occasions where a Client needed urgent help and we as a Team were able to get the person immediate assistance. At Phillips Law we make that happen through Teamwork and a dedication to our profession. I’ve had numerous jobs in several other fields, those were just jobs. This is a home. Many of us have been here for quite a few years, it feels like one large extended family.

    Matthew Maclean

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  • I would like to send special thanks to Phillips Law Group for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Best Law Firm here in the Valley. During these troubling times with the epidemic, Phillips Law Group has masterfully created this family-like environment while still maintaining a professional and business-like approach for all their clients. Thru impeccable leadership that is unmatched by other law firms to the Multi-diverse employment opportunities that many employees advance within the firm; Phillips Law Group has not only distanced themselves from all other competition in the Personal Injury field but also has innovatively changed the narrative of being a great law institution. From providing Employee Appreciation Day to celebrating all major Holiday including great competitive contests; Phillips Law Group has the total participation of all employees to help contribute to the continued success of this firm. So in closing I would like to thank Senior Administration (Jeffery Phillips, Eva Chiaramonte, and Tim Tonkin) along with all of my colleagues and many friends for help making Phillips Law Group a unique and wonderful place to call my place of employment for 6+ years.

    Michael Andrews

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  • I enjoy my work day here at Phillips Law Group and generally speaking I love my clients. Every day brings a new client or task to keep me on my toes. Administration keeps open communication and is hilarious most of the time! I love the way we celebrate FRIDAY, holidays and birthdays and how everything is so competitive. All in all I’m so fortunate to be here and I enjoy what I do.

    Charlene Hernandez

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  • Working at Phillips Law Group has been a blessing from the beginning for me and I am extremely thankful to work for a firm that values their employees so much. Here I believe we are a huge family of hard working people that can bring a sense of comfort to our client’s lives in times of hardships, stress and chaos. From intake to Settlement we strive to provide the best customer care to all of our wonderful clients. With a 4.8 rating and over 1100+ star reviews on Google no surprise our firm is extremely well known for the quality of work we do!! #teamPLG!!

    Blanca Duenas

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  • Many companies talk about teamwork but few practice it. Many companies talk about an employee friendly environment but few actually provide it. At Phillips Law Group the foundation of our success is making sure we work as a team and that we work in an environment that allows everyone to thrive and be at their best every day. Our firm understands that in order for the client to have a great experience the people responsible for that client’s case must be given all the necessary tools and encouragement to make that happen. That’s the Phillips Way. As a manager of this firm in charge of several employees as well as directly affecting the client’s experience I take tremendous pride in saying we live by these premises and we work hard to build on them and make them better every day. This is an amazing place because it has amazing people working here!

    Juan Roque

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  • Phillips Law Group is a company that has taught me so many things. Here your work, your dedication, effort and discipline are valued, in addition to the fact that, as a woman, as an immigrant and as a human being, I have been given value and empowerment. We are a successful law firm because all workers feel part of a great family. I am very proud and honored to work at Phillips Law Group.

    Ilce Mondragon

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  • Phillips Law Group provides a collaborative environment in which both attorneys and staff work together to achieve the best outcome for clients. As an attorney here at PLG, I’m lucky to be surrounded by seasoned attorneys and knowledgeable staff that share my enthusiasm for helping accident victims. The team here at PLG treats clients with respect and empathy while fighting hard to get the results they deserve.

    Aaron Sherrell

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