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Many business owners and investors view their companies as much more than just places to work; they have the potential to become deeply meaningful aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, business transactions don’t always end well, and you might find yourself in need of a Phoenix business litigation attorney.

Business transactions are often carried out through the use of a contract or agreement. This can be in the form of a signed memorandum, a signed contract, or a legally enforceable letter of intent, among other formats. Contracts outline the parties’ rights and responsibilities, and breaking them can have dire repercussions. For instance, employment contracts specify the terms and conditions of employment and may contain clauses (like a non-compete agreement) that take effect immediately and continue to do so after the job relationship ends.

For 30 years, the Phoenix business litigation attorneys at Phillips Law Group have resolved disputes in the business world with great success. Jeffrey Phillips, our founder, has a wealth of expertise in defending people and businesses in commercial litigation cases. Phillips Law Group has experience with a wide range of business issues, including buying and selling real estate, buying goods and services, ending or dissolving partnerships, insurance, and employment contracts. They can help clients with these issues because they have experience being in court and giving advice to them on these issues.

It’s common to file lawsuits and defend oneself from lawsuits in the fiercely competitive corporate world of today. A contract violation can have a serious negative financial impact on your organization, particularly if it disrupts operations. On the other hand, a breach of contract lawsuit against you could have detrimental effects on your career. Your company should strongly consider a commercial litigation attorney with the experience, resources, and litigation firepower to defend itself against a claim, or if you think someone else broke an agreement or committed fraud.

Phoenix Business Litigation Case Types That We Manage

Any kind of litigation or legal matter pertaining to a business is referred to as “commercial litigation” in general. Both persons and business entities may be parties to a commercial lawsuit, and the content of the disagreement is frequently more important to the court than the identities of the parties.

When litigation is necessary to resolve commercial disagreements, the procedure can be very difficult. Any disagreement in the company, no matter how small, has the capacity to turn into a costly legal action. There are numerous varieties of business litigation as well as numerous circumstances where it is required. We manage a variety of business litigation matters, including but not limited to:

• Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Breach of Contract
• Business Closings
• Business Separation
• Commercial Appeal
• Conflicts Regarding Non-Compete Agreements
• Construction Conflicts
• Corporate Torts
• Director and Officer Liability
• Employment Law: Franchise Conflicts
• Gas and Oil Conflicts
• Insurance Fraud Disputes

If you need assistance with any of these legal matters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Our Phoenix business litigation attorneys are ready to assist you with any of these types of cases and more.

Our firm has three decades of experience representing thousands of clients and our attorneys are highly skilled. Phillips Law Group can offer you a free, confidential consultation with no obligation to take legal action with our firm following the evaluation. 

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+ Do I Really Need a Business Litigation Attorney?

When conflict emerges, it has the power to completely disrupt your company. It can put your very livelihood in grave danger.

Since business litigation is frequently quite complicated, speedy settlements are unlikely. An accomplished Phoenix business litigation lawyer at Phillips Law Group will be able to vigorously pursue your claim while working to safeguard your interests.

Although some businesses attempt to negotiate and settle conflicts without legal assistance, we do not recommend it. It is best to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. If you put off hiring legal counsel for too long, it may damage your case. Selecting a proficient, seasoned, and successful business litigation lawyer is essential for expeditiously settling disagreements.

+ How Much Does a Business Litigation Lawyer Cost?

At Phillips Law Group, we handle cases on a contingency basis. We do not require money upfront and you owe us nothing unless we pursue and win your business litigation lawsuit.

There is no risk in giving our team a call to talk about your legal options, and your information will remain confidential. You are under no obligation to retain our services after meeting with our firm, but we believe we can prove we are the right team to have on your side if you need to pursue a business litigation lawsuit.

To discuss all of your legal options, please contact us today to see how Phillips Law Group can assist you. Our lawyers will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

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    What is Business Litigation?

    The subject of commercial litigation is business law. This kind of law mostly deals with legal conflicts that emerge in commercial settings.

    A commercial litigation law firm frequently handles cases involving breach of contract, business torts, business divorces or dissolutions, disagreements involving non-compete agreements, shareholder conflicts, disagreements involving business real estate, partnership disputes, fraud accusations, and more.

    Lawyers who specialize in commercial litigation may bring lawsuits against companies or defend them from similar accusations.

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    Why Should You Hire an Attorney for Business Litigation?

    One of the most common inquiries regarding commercial litigation attorneys is the rationale behind hiring legal counsel.

    Business issues usually start small. There is a dispute between the parties, and a conversation or conflict can follow. One or more parties may decide to initiate a commercial litigation lawsuit if they are unable to come to an amicable arrangement.

    Due to their complexity and potential difficulty in self-defense, these cases should be handled by skilled civil litigation counsel. State-by-state variations exist in commercial litigation legislation. The kind and scale of the business at issue may also have an impact on the legislation.

    Fortunately, a lawyer can assist in clarifying the relevant laws for the kind of case you might have and the likely results you could reasonably anticipate. They can then battle to deliver the best outcomes for you.

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    Do All Business Litigation Cases Go to Trial?

    The idea that the case will go to trial if you engage a commercial litigation lawyer is among the most common misunderstandings. A lawyer can assist you in the event that your case proceeds to trial, although most cases never reach that stage.

    Your lawyer will probably get in contact with the other party or parties as soon as you employ them. The person suing you or making accusations against you may withdraw their lawsuit or make a more reasonable offer if you have legal representation.

    Alternatively, mediation could be used in this circumstance. Instead of being tried in court, mediation is becoming more and more common. This is due to the fact that mediation frequently proceeds more quickly and affordably than going to trial. Attorneys are qualified to resolve disputes and explore possible settlements.

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